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Posted by administrator Monday, July 14, 2008

One of the very interesting mysteries of the mineral world is Vitamin E. We do not yet know much about Vitamin E. One of the things that we do recognize is that it is known to be an essential nutrient in more than 20 vertebrate species. Vitamin plays some role in forming red blood cells, but what, is yet to be determined. Also, Vitamin E serves in the building of muscles and various other tissues. Adding up, Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of Vitamin A and the oxidation of fats.

Simple groceries such as vegetable oils, wheat germ, liver and leafy green vegetables are all sources of Vitamin E. A report has been published by The United States Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council about how much of Vitamin E a body should get. This report was summarized with the term RDA-“Recommended Daily Allowance”, and stated that these guidelines set for your nutritional health vary from person to person, but can be reviewed easily.

According to the recommendation of the Food and Nutrition Board, the daily requirements of Vitamin E for men and women are as follows: For adult males it is necessary to consume 15 IUs, or 10 milligrams. For Women it is necessary to consume 12 IUs, or 8 milligrams of this supplement. For pregnant and nursing women, this value is an exception, and it is necessary to consume 15 IUs, or 10 milligrams.

Even though not much of research has been carried out in this department, Vitamin E has been portrayed to be beneficial at fighting many diseases. Vitamin E has one advantage over the other fat-soluble vitamins. The overdosing of Vitamin E has lower toxic effects compared to the others mentioned previously.

Keep one thing in mind, Vitamin E supplements work best when taken along with food.

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