Antioxidant Vitamins

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Compounds that assist the body in eliminating free-radicals and its formation are called antioxidant vitamins. Free-radicals are a byproduct of getting constantly exposed to pollution, sunlight and cell metabolism. The factors that effect free-radicals growth in the body are stress, smoke from cigarettes and alcohol. Vitamin A, E, and C, selenium, zinc, green tea, extract of grape seed and ginkgo biloba are all excellent antioxidants.

Some of the antioxidant vitamins are:

Proanthenols Antioxidant consisting OPC

The extract of pine bark and grape seeds which are the chief ingredients of OPC's is much stronger than Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Xtra Antioxidants

Besides Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E it also comprises of rich antioxidants from plants like flavonoids and polyhenols.

DNA Immune

This antioxidant vitamin includes the most modern and recent scientific technology to be of assistance for a healthy immune function and will provide very useful protection to the DNA which is contained in the huge number of cells which are included in the human body.

Daily BioBasics

If a human being takes only one nutritional supplement, this should necessarily be Daily Biobasics-this is a nutritional powerhouse that raises our energy levels considerably, helps circulation and this enriches the brain capacity ,keeps the calcium levels at the same level and provides the human body with the important vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the human body on a daily basis .In order to provide the human body, Daily BioBasics contains polynutrients from fruits and vegetables, herbal concentrates and the entire mount of the amount of Vitamins and Vegetables which are recommended by Doctors as essential.

Vitamin C Formula

Vitamin C Formula is a Life Plus preparation which is one of the most important nutrients which can be found in nature Vitamin C also may be referred to as Ascorbic Acid .This is important for the human body but our body does not have the capacity to manufacture it. Since Vitamin C is soluble in water, it can be easily dumped in our urine and taken out of the human body when very large amounts are taken at one time .In order to ensure that the levels are kept high in the human body, Life Plus Vitamin C Formula has been prepared in a special manner and formulated to be a slow release tablet.

Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex contains the complete family of compounds which are called tocopherols which comprises d-alpha, d-gamma, d-delta and d-beta-tocophero.

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