Can Vitamin B Increase Happiness?

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Vitamin B1, often called thiamin, is not well stored in the body. Deficiencies in vitamin B1, can have a far reaching consequences. A depletion of vitamin B1 can occur within 14 days.

Miraculous Nutrient

Thiamin is also a miraculous vitamin and can take effect in a matter of hours when given as an injection.
This nutrient is great for the brain and can help depression. In children it is required for growth and can assist with arthritis and cataracts, as well as infertility.

Symptoms of Deficiency of Vitamin B1

A deficiency of vitamin B-1 results in beriberi. Symptoms of a deficiency of vitamin B1 are extreme fatigue irritability, constipation, enlarged liver, forgetfulness, labored breathing and loss of appetite.

Other symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B-1 are nervousness, numbness of the hands and feet, weak and sore muscles. Also lack of coordination, general weakness and severe weight loss and will be an affect.

In the case of deficiency, therapeutic use of the nutrient the dosage is usually increased considerably above the recommended daily allowance. Excesses of this vitamin are readily excreted. Yet prolonged excessive use can cause toxicity.

Vitamin B1 in Cooking

Thiamin is destroyed in cooking. It's best not to add soda when boiling green vegetables. The alkaline will destroy thiamin.

This vitamin can be used to prevent motion sickness in the air and sea travel and it can repel insects when excreted through the skin.

Foods Containing the Vitamin B1 Nutrient

Foods with vitamin B1 include sunflower seeds, peanuts, beef liver seafood egg yellow beans, pork and wheat bran.

Vitamin B1 is an essential nutrient to be included in the daily diet.

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