Children, Obesity And Depression

Posted by administrator Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obesity can be the direct cause of depression which leads to suicidal stuff and more pills which make you even fatter, being depressed spikes metabolism and makes you even fatter, the quicksand goes on.

This is something I can write about very well as I suffered from the same.

Obesity can be the direct cause of depression which leads to suicidal stuff and more pills which make you even fatter, being depressed spikes metabolism and makes you even fatter, the quicksand goes on.

Let me explain how this whole thing happens.

In the video games, the movies, there is always this lean guy who gets the chicks, considering if your age is anywhere from 12-18, I am kind of sure the girls won’t think ‘how nice the character or heart is’ (maybe some exceptions).

And if you are an obese kid you would never get the confidence to talk much, joke much and the sort in usual cases because your mind will unconciously tell you about the lean model with six packs.

Though I have noted wealthy kids even if obese are less likely to be affected, probably cause they have the car which is shown in those movies or the ads?

So what do you do if your sibling, child is obese and getting depressed?


Yes, he needs to lose weight and very badly too, but the way to do it is not shout: YOU ARE FAT!

FATTY! CHUBBY! or anything of the sort if you do that, the child will hate you to his death.

So how do you make him lose weight?

1.) Serve him more water every now and then, I know its not easy to be on watch 24/7 but do it!

2.) Ask him if he would like to join any sport, spare the budget to get him in at any cost, like any sport.

3.) Initially expecting him to give an effort is like asking too much for a heavy body but try things like aroma therapy, give him green tea every morning.

4.) play catch with him or anything he likes too, think of how happy he will be once he loses weight and exhaust yourself for his sake.

5.) The Food he gets, make sure its fat free and doesn’t taste like shit either, go for brown bread instead of white, note: fat people are not necessarily fond of eating fatty substances. Search for healthy recipes and try em out, make sure he takes 5-6 meals a day instead of one.

6.) Understand the severity teenage depression can cause, anxiety leads to a really bad heart, I recall getting panic attacks and it felt really bad and in the long term can lead to high blood pressure which means your loved will bite the dust much earlier. There are also chances he may die even way sooner by suicide. Life long obesity also seems to be quite a pain in the butt.

7.) try reflexology, massages which take less effort from his side but result well.

8.) Consult a physiotherapist to get the best and most effortless workout possible during the initial start. Be like his companion, the more you upset him the more does the metabolism get spiked. The more the metabolism gets spiked the less will be his fat burning ability.

9.) When he can’t fit into those cool pants, tell him ‘you will soon, we will work on it’ with a broad loving smile. Don’t blame him for being lazy or the sort.

10.) Get him a dog or a cat feeding and walking which might exhaust him (note: get him a dog or cat only if he wants to have a pet)

11.) fat people may lack stamina but not neccesarily strength so buy him weights which are 50% of his max lifting capacity and make sure he works out in the morning first thing before eating and does complicated stuff which involves him turning but NOT running or the sort which depletes stamina *go for faster reps with less rests*

12.) Buy him supplements if his weight training goes all fine

This may sound barely worth but believe me, it can change a life completely.

I wish I had the things I mentioned above, would have saved me years of depression

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