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Diabetes is one of the most common health problems nowadays. With the lack of time and consideration towards eating habits, the victims of diabetes are increasing day by day.

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems nowadays. With the lack of time and consideration towards eating habits, the victims of diabetes are increasing day by day. Upon diagnosis of diabetes, doctors probably used to mention that proper and extra attention should be taken care towards nutrition and diet.

To control diabetes, best remedy is to control eating habits whether you have diabetes or not, diet should always be healthy and diabetes resistive. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, managing the diet becomes essential like anything.
Nutrition experts say that if you are battling diabetes, then eating right can save your life. It is much wiser to adopt a habit to upgrade ourselves about diabetic diet, health and nutrition tips, how to control diabetes and how to check diabetes.

How should I plan my Diabetic Diet?

As everyone is not the health expert and cannot judge what to eat and how much to eat, so here they can found certain tips about how can they plan their diabetic diet.

Eat more starches – include bread (wheat), cereal and starchy vegetables in your daily diet. Aim for six servings a day or more. For example, have cold cereal with nonfat milk or a bagel with a teaspoon of jelly for breakfast. Another starch-adding strategy is to add cooked black beans, corn or garbanzo beans to salads or casseroles.

Eat five fruits and vegetables every day. Have a piece of fruit or two as a snack, or add vegetables to chili, stir-fried dishes or stews. You can also pack raw vegetables for lunch or snacks.

Move to sugar free diet – Avoid intake of excessive sugar in the diet.
Eat sugars and sweets in moderation. Include your favorite sweets in your diet once or twice a week at most. Split a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth while reducing the sugar, fat and calories.
Beware of food with high calorie – Avoid intake of junk food containing high calories and resulting in over weight.

What I can do to target my blood glucose level on target?
One could supplement the effort of diet control for controlling diabetes through proper eating habits with the following extra beneficial health tips:

Manage your diet
Exercise regularly
Quit smoking and alcohol
Check blood glucose level regularly
Follow your Doctor’s advice

How can Calorie Counter help in controlling Diet?
When it comes to control diabetes, along with managing eating habits, similarly important is to test the calorie intake to control the weight and causes of diabetes complications.

To check the daily intake of calorie, now there is no need to rush to the Doctor or health expert again and again and even it causes inconvenience. As science has developed so far, one can find many instruments or devices to check calorie intake at home. These devices can be easily located by the name of Calorie Counter.

A calorie counter is a device by which one can count daily calorie intake to manage the weight. It helps in calculating daily caloric requirement that needed to be met with the help of calorie chart and diet plan advised by the dietician.

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