Have Another Glass - The Benefits of Vitamin Water

Posted by administrator Thursday, July 17, 2008

Consistently, more and more methods of caring for your health appear on the market, offering some great new way to stay healthy. One option that has become popular recently is vitamin water. Vitamin water can be a replacement for regular water, since it comes in a variety of flavors and contains nutrients that are vital for the body's proper functioning. Before deciding whether or not to make drinking it a part of your wellness plan, consider the options.

Variable Types

There are many options when it comes to just which type of vitamin water you want to drink. It can be obtained in flavors such as peach, mango, and lemon. Different companies produce this type of water in more than twenty different flavors. The combination of a great flavor and essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E and ribose makes for a great way to stay healthy and hydrated.

The Benefits

The nutrients in vitamin water supply you with substances that promote health throughout the body. Drinking lots of water keeps the body cleaned out. When you add water soluble vitamins to drinking water, the vitamins are able to move quickly to the parts of the body where they are designed to eliminate health damaging free radicals, besides providing the normal benefits of keeping the body well hydrated.

How to Choose

The first step in determining which type is best for you is deciding which nutrients you are looking for and which flavor you want. Consider the options that are offered from the different producers of vitamin water. Some brands contain sugars, usually referred to as fructose on the ingredients list, which makes the taste better. Other brands have vitamin B, vitamin C, ribose, and natural caffeine. Regardless of which brand you chose to go with, make sure that the vitamins it contains are well balanced.

Know What You Are Drinking

Drinking vitamin water is a great way to get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Using vitamin water as a supplement keeps you well nourished and hydrated in a way that other drinks simply cannot. Being aware of what vitamins you want and what each brand offers will let you get the most benefits and enjoy every single sip.

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