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Posted by administrator Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ever wanted to get a six pack but always wondered how to get one? Well it's really not that hard to get a six pack if you have a game plan to follow and dedication. So if you have the dedication and know how many days a week you wanna be working out a week then what types of exercises do you wanna do? Well I'll list off some of the best ones for you to use as a guide, and if you would like a free fitness ebook then please use my link at the bottom of the page.

The crunch is one the best exercises out there for getting a six pack. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the crunch but this is because most people perform them incorrectly. If you don't sway from side to side, keep your elbows out, and keep your chin up off your chest then you're sure to get a solid workout out of this exercise.

Push Ups
Many people don't know it but push ups are a great way to build a six pack. How? Because the motion of pushing your body up off the floor with your hands tightens your core and gives your abs a workout along with your arms.

Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging leg raises are a great way for building your lower abs. If you don't know what a hanging leg raise is then basically all you do is hang from a bar with your feet off of the ground and then you raise your knees up so that they crunch your abs together, and then let your knees slowly drop back down.

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