Ways Vitamins Are Affected By You

Posted by administrator Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vitamins are organic compounds that are vital to the growth and maintenance of your body.

Vitamins C and B are the water soluble vitamins. They are not stored in the liver as are the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K. A well balanced diet should include a good intake of the correct levels of vitamins. This is usually the case, but extra care must be taken that your diet is well balanced.

Following are instances where you may need help: 1. Dieting may reduce vitamin B complex and Vitamin C; 2. Heavy smokers may lack vitamin C; 3. Heavy drinkers may be short on some B vitamins; 4. The Elderly may need more vitamin B complex and Vitamin C; 5. Vegetarians may be lacking in B12, which is often found in meats; 6. Night shift workers are prone to need Vitamin D, which is made by the body's exposure to sunlight; 7. People with stressful jobs may need vitamin B complex or vitamin C.

Most vitamins can be taken orally and vitamin B12 can be injected. However, the injection must be done by a trained medical practitioner. One vitamin problem though, is that stomach acid destroys them, another reason for a vitamin rich, well balanced diet. Also, practice lightly cooking foods to preserve their vitamin content, and when possible, eat fresh fruits and vegetables to enrich your diet.

No matter what your vitamin needs, or how you get them into your system, pills, liquid or in your foods, be certain that you are getting the required amounts each day, for a healthier you.

For more information and other articles about vitamins, go to the Vitamins blog: http://wwwnews-and-infovitamins.blogspot.com/

Bob J Farley

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