Hair Loss in Women-A Traumatic Experience

Posted by administrator Saturday, August 2, 2008

To summarize we can say that though hair provides protection to the brain but for women it also adds on to the cosmetic value of their personality.

Hair loss has affected millions of men and women. Though excessive hair loss results in baldness, which further lowers the self esteem, confidence as well as dignity of an individual, this experience may be traumatic for a woman. To look appealing and beautiful is every woman’s desire & this desire could be marred due to excessive hair loss. Hair loss in women not only mars her personality but at the same time draws a lot of attention thereby causing a lot of humiliation. It is quite normal if the hair loss is around fifty to hundred strands a day but beyond this women should be extra cautious.

Excessive hair loss in women may be attributed to many underlying health related issues .This should be taken care of and a doctor should be immediately referred to.
Patterned hair loss in females is different in that the hair loss is not localized, instead thinning of hair occurs throughout the scalp thereby making the scalp visible whereas in men hair loss is usually localized at the top of the head. Hair loss in women could be attributed to many reasons. Women usually resort to improper hair treatment as well as styling such as chemical treatment, hair coloring, perming and wearing hair styles like pigtails, cornrow etc that pull the hair tightly resulting in hair loss. Moreover women are more susceptible to hormonal imbalance making them more prone to hair loss.

Post pregnancy or after a long term illness or surgery, females experience imbalance in the estrogen level. Consumption of antidepressant drugs or birth control pills which contain anticoagulant (i.e. blood thinners) may also lead to hair loss in women. Over or under secretion of thyroxine from thyroid gland is yet another cause for hair loss in women. Women could resort to certain home remedies such as applying coconut milk on the scalp, preparing & using home made shampoos by boiling hundred gm each of reetha, amla, shikakai in two litres of water till it reduces to half, for a month etc to prevent hair loss. Since hair is made up of a protein called keratin, consuming food rich in protein might help. Hair loss in women could be cured by rubbing minoxidil to their scalp twice daily to enhance hair growth & prevent hair loss.

With the dramatic improvement in technologies like hair implantation, laser therapy etc hair loss would no longer be a cause of nightmare for women. You could now look forward to these techniques which not just assure cent percent results but could also be availed at affordable prices.

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