How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure

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What is Blood Pressure?

When do we say that a person(s) is suffering with Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure also called as Hypertension has become a very common among us these days. Blood Pressure in short called as B.P. is one's systolic pressure and diastolic pressure measurements. If we consult a doctor he wraps a band around our biceps and records the measurement for example:- 120/80. Here 120 is the systolic pressure and 80 is the diastolic pressure. One may be enigmatic over what are these systolic and diastolic pressures are? Let me explain you....

Systolic pressure is the force exerted by the heart on the blood vessels when it pumps blood whereas Diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of blood vessels when heart is relaxed. Both these measurements are important to make a note.

A person suffering from high values of these pressures is said to be having high B.P.

Well, with this understanding lets go deep and know the affects of B.P. But before that lets know the causes

Causes for B.P.?

Over Anxiety, Enormous Exercises, Nervousness are some of the causes to have high reading of the measurements(systolic and diastolic pressures).Before knowing the affect of each of the above causes lets know what happens if we neglect this?Neglecting this may hampers one's health. We may face premature strokes and also heart attacks. It is advised to consult a Physician when the you feel uncomfortable.

Now lets know each factor causing BP in detail

Every one has blood pressure and this varies from individual to individual. Some may have High value which causes health problems. Researchers say that there are some factors which we cannot be controlled on the other hand we also have some factors that we can control in order to keep it in limits. Are you thinking "how can i lower my blood pressure?" So, lets know what are those factors that we can control.

Exercise makes oneself Healthy. Regular exercise contribute for well being and healthy body. A scheduled work out like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling will keep your body fit.

Another important factor is food, What we eat? And How much we eat? is very much a important concern in keeping ourselves healthy. Eating a Fibre rich, Fat low, high protein and Low Cholesterol food such as vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, mangoes, leafy vegetables, pulses etc., will make us healthy. Try to avoid junk food which disturbs your appetite.

Alcohol & Smoking are another important factors on which we can have a regulation. Over consumption of alcohol will affect the human health. We don't say you to stop consuming it completely but limit yourself to a peg or two. We know that Smoking is Injurious to Health. Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease as well as hardening of the arteries. So stop smoking and let your life go rocking.

Add Salt to taste in your food because Excessive usage of Salt in your diet increases B.P. It seems to be puzzling, but its a fact. Sodium is the major content in salt. The human adult needs 1teaspoon of table salt per day on an average this amount to an equivalent of approximately 2 to 3 grams of salt. A low-sodium diet may decrease the likelihood of heart or kidney disease and stroke and also B.P.

If you still want to explore the ways to regulate your Blood Pressure levels or still thinking "How can I lower my blood pressure?" I recommend you to visit Blood Pressure Reduction Guide

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