Here's how to reduce fat if you're not losing weight... but you're eating good while exercising a bunch. I want you to totally drop the idea that weight loss is ALL ABOUT diet and exercise. IT ISN'T! I'm going to give you the solution to your weight loss problems.

How to Reduce Fat

1. Your hormones may be the problem that's holding you back from losing weight

To solve this, you need to spin around like a child. NO KIDDING! Seriously, do it because spinning has the uncanny ability to balance your hormones really quick when you repeatedly do them.

I'll give you 1 major tip when it comes to spinning... be sure to stop when you get slightly dizzy. Anything beyond that is a waste of time and can even negate all the positive benefits of spinning itself.

2. The problem may be with medications you're taking

Over-the-counter medications as well as prescription medications are becoming an epidemic. Most of these pills are worthless and only COVER UP your symptoms of whatever the problem is. They usually don't solve it.

Now with weight loss, these medications mess up your hormones. When those get out of control, weight loss is almost impossible and weight gain is usually what will happen. Birth control, cholesterol, and blood pressure pills are the most serious offenders.

The solution is simple... phase off those pills if possible. Talk to your doctor and see what options you have.

3. Drink more water if you're retaining water

You can lose 3-5 pounds quick by drinking more water. By drinking more water, your body dumps out all the water it's retaining. Know this... you body retains water because "it thinks" water is scarce and it wants to protect you with this extra supply of water.

Since water probably isn't scarce for you, that's bad news. But the good news is you can trick the body into thinking water is plentiful by drinking more of it. Once you do that, the body releases the extra water almost immediately.

How to reduce fat and weight is easy when you use these 3 tips consistently.

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Jennifer Jolan

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