Why is Snoring Noisy?

Posted by administrator Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Even with the basic end result of snoring is of the end result in continuously loud noises throughout the night due to breathing blockage, there are truly a good number of reasons as to why and how snoring is occurring. When studying snoring causes upon a deeper level, there are not only natural snoring causes, but there are also unnaturally direct reasons that so many people do snore.

When looking at the natural reasons there are several, with many of them requiring surgery when they must be changed to stop the snoring, or other health issue relations. When you are snoring directly due to the mouth or throat shape that you were born with, there may be lifelong snoring issues that will have to be corrected with effort to fix the habitual snoring.

There are temporary or even permanent circumstances such as enlarged adenoids, enlarged tonsils, a palate that is thick and low, a thicker than normal tongue, the unconventional shape of your back throat uvula that hangs, a deviated septum, or just a narrowed passage airway. These are all reasons for an individual to naturally snore, and most always need a doctor's attention.

When looking at the snoring reasons for snoring to be personally caused by things that are better in our control to correct or better maintain, being overweight, cigarette smoking or constant second hand smoke exposure, indulging in alcoholic beverages, medications prescribed or over-the-counter medications, and even certain types of mucus making foods and liquids. For all of the snoring causes that we have physical control over, such as our daily diets, the medications that we take and those terribly bad habits of smoking and alcohol consumption, it is up to each individual to make a drastic life saving change to their life style.

There are also the snoring causes of colds, allergies, hay fever and asthma problems that are direct contributors that more often than not, cause snoring to happen. These are snoring causes that are capable to be fully controlled so that there is a regular night of sleep every night. If you are asthmatic, your doctor will be able to help you control the asthma and then secondary, the snoring. But for those that that have a cold, hay fever or allergies, there are plenty over-the-counter medications, nasal drops such as Asonor and even devices like adhesive nasal strips to contribute to better breathing.

The shelves today are full of some very good anti-snoring remedies, and finding the best fitting one is the hardest part. These anti-snoring remedies prices vary just as much as there are so many different anti-snoring relief methods and remedies. When starting your search for the right fitting anti-snoring remedy, it is recommended to start with the simplest and cheapest anti-snoring solutions first, and then moving up the ladder with the many variations of anti snoring methods until one is found to work well. With all that is available today in the ways of anti-snoring solutions, there just is no longer an excuse to snore another night.

Dr. Anita Choudhary researches and writes for asonor.com. Browse our site for more information about snoring remedies, anti snoring treatment and related issues.

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