Challenging your body in cardio, increases your chances of losing the weight you want, and then some. Representative actives serve no purpose in reaching your goals, but actually detour you from them. When your body adjusts and becomes used to the cardio that you do; other muscles aren't stimulated, and the ones you use get used to it; and adapt to be able to do it easier over time. Thus your cardio work needs stimulation always, and here are some ways to stimulate your workout:

Switch it up- this is the best thing, if you run, don't just go for running alone, try another activity that gets your muscles moving in other ways, such as swimming- backstrokes move your arms another way that you cannot during running.. You want to tone all parts; if you still need to run- get your arms involved and other parts that you may not notice you aren't stimulating. Many people run on machines, or in life- but keep their hands on the rails, or to the sides; whereas moving your arms in brisk movements, and keeping them up helps all your muscles get toned, and more areas to be accessed for weight loss.

Get moving- many people forget about key places- even in their main routine- as said before, if you are running, get your arms moving too. It's for any workout, pay attention to parts of your body that move less, and find ways to get them moving too. Don't worry about looking silly- it's the results you want, if you are that embarrassed; run when it's still dark out, but in all seriousness; it's about what you get from it, not for looks. So stimulate all parts, and watch yourself exercise for a day, and see which parts aren't moving, and find ways to get them moving as well, depending on the cardio workout you are doing.

Mental- if you find yourself nearing your goal, and things are getting easier for you; since you got used to it- give yourself new goals, new ideas, new stimulation. Even if you reach the goal you want, you want to maintain your body; so stimulate your mind over and over as to the goal, what you will get out of it; and what you were before doing it, so that your body will always be wanting the cardio, and will work just as hard as you want it to. Mental stimulation is everything, because after all it's what gets you moving in the first place.

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