What Causes Teenage Acne

Posted by administrator Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Acne doesn't pick and choose when it comes to who it affects. The thing is that it does seem to choose teenagers more than anyone else. It's really unsure exactly what causes teenage acne but there are a lot of speculations when it does come to teenage acne.

For the most part we figure teens are most likely to suffer from acne because of their young hormones that are different from others at this time of life.

If you have been around a teenager and really who hasn't? Then you are quite aware of the affecting hormones in a teenager. The thing is these hormones affect more than their way of thinking but also the way they look. That brings us to what causes teenage acne.

While hormones take a lot of the acne blame there are definitely other reasons that cause teenage acne.

Just about all teenagers participate in some sort of physical activities such as sports. This is a large factor in inducing acne prone skin.

Most teens don't realize that it is very important to use the right soaps when cleaning their skin. Using the wrong soaps open the skin up to pimples and blackheads.

It really doesn't hurt to get an appointment to a dermatologist to get educated on what kinds of soaps and cleansers you should be using as a teenager. Your doctor is most schooled in what causes teenage acne so it really is in your best interest to follow their advice.

One of the biggest factors in teenage acne is an increase of oil secretions from the skin. These secretions come from all parts of the body including face, neck, back, arms, chest and the rest of the body. Because of these oils over producing the bacteria causes infections in the pores of the skin which in turn develops pimples and blackheads.

There really isn't too many great over the counter remedies to help in the secretions of these oils. Your best bet is getting your dermatologist to prescribe something that helps settle the hormones which in turn blocks many of the factors in what causes teenage acne.

It is best to try and catch and work on the problem before it becomes a bigger problem. This will help to ensure clean and blemish free skin as a teenager.

Tim has been a sufferer of acne for over 25 years and certainly remembers his teenage years as being his worst. He works very hard to help with acne relief in everyone and especially does a lot of research into what causes acne in teenagers.

He has made it a special project to help others with acne. Visiting his website is a must to find all kinds of info all related to acne.

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