Here is some statistical facts about acne:

More than eighty percent of teenagers suffer from acne, from mild to severe.

That is a given though. Who among us haven't felt that bump in our face.

Now here is the grim truth:

Twenty-five percent of adult men and about fifty percent of adult women also suffer from different forms of acne, ranging from mild to severe cases.

This is relatively worse for some, especially those that are well into their thirties and forties, because acne is generally regarded as an adolescent's problem. People at that age have their own problems and acne should be the last thing on their mind.

But since we live in a world where a lot of times people are judged by the way they look, acne care treatment has grown to be a multi billion dollar business.

Adult Acne

But nothing to worry about, adult acne is manageable and can be treated. With the right acne care treatment, you can have your face cleared up from acne.

The actual cause of adult acne is unknown. Many say that it most probably has roots in hormonal imbalance. That is why more women are affected by adult acne as they have more hormonal changes than men.

That is why many women and men seek out hormone treatments to eliminate the imbalance as their acne care treatment.

Some adults go for OTC medications as acne care treatment, like the benzoyl proxide.

There are also those that go for natural acne care treatment. They do this by changing their lifestyle and eating habits.

Whatever your choice of acne care treatment may be. Getting rid of acne should not be a problem for you.

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