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The issue of hair is also one such issue and there has been considerable progress towards treatment of the various problems associated with hair loss, falling of hair, and baldness.

However no two people react in similar fashion upon receipt of the same medication, hence it is strictly advisable to consult one's physician and doctor prior to commencing any therapy for that matter.

This is all the more important for treatment using natural products, as they may be devoid of any side affects that are otherwise common with allopathic forms of medications, yet choosing the wrong natural treatment or relying on self-prescription alone can result in disastrous consequences for the respective individual.

An example is the use of 'Saw Palmetto', with the common name of Proscar developed for the particular treatment of prostrate problems in men. Found in the shape of deep red colored fruit, Saw Palmetto belongs to the palm category of fruits and is commonly found in warm climates, such as the South Eastern regions of the United States of America. You may listen to health Audio Books for this.

The extract of this fruit, given the name of 'liposerolic extract' has been found to serve as an excellent antidote for the treatment and promotion of prostrate health in Europe as well. With respect to its importance for hair loss, the 'Saw Palmetto' serves as the principle ingredient for hair loss treatments including 'Revivoen'.

Other equally affective natural hair treatment remedies for hair loss include 'proanthycyanidins', 'Tea Tree Oil', honey, and aromatherapy.

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