Treating Hypertension with Excercise

Posted by administrator Friday, May 15, 2009

People with hypertension are three times more likely to have a heart attack, five times more likely to develop heart failure, and eight times more likely to suffer a stroke than people with normal blood pressure.

The problem with high blood pressure is that nearly one third of the folks who have it do not know it because they never experience any symptoms. However, overtime the force of that pressure damages the blood vessels.

However, hypertension is not predestined. Reducing salt intake, adopting a desirable dietary pattern losing weight and exercising can all help prevent hypertension.

Quitting bad habits and eating a low fat diet will help, but the most significant thing that you can do is to exercise.

For this reason and after a series of careful considerations, some researchers have observed that exercise can prevent and effectively control this deadly disease. One study further showed that moderate exercise several times a week is more effective than extremely vigorous exercise done twice as often.

Such information has led some people to think of exercise as a cure for heart disorders, a fail-safe protection against hypertension or death. That is not so. Even marathon runners that have suffered hypertension, and exercise cannot overcome combination of other risk factor.

What Causes Hypertension?

Sometimes abnormalities of the kidney are responsible. There is also a study wherein the researchers identified more common contributing factors such as heredity, obesity, and lack of physical activity. Therefore, what can be done to lower blood pressure and avoid the risk of developing hypertension? Again, exercise seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

If you think that is what he will do, then, try to contemplate on this list and find some ways how you can incorporate these things into your lifestyle and start to live a life free from the possibilities of developing hypertension. However, before you start following the systematic instructions, it would be better to review them first before getting into action.

1) Check with your doctor before beginning any workout program, or if you make any significant changes in your level of physical activity.

2) Start at a low, comfortable level of exertion and progress gradually.

3) Determine your safety limit for exertion. Use some clues such as sleep problems or fatigue the day after a workout to check on whether you are overdoing it. Once identified, stay within it. Over-exercising is both dangerous and unnecessary.

4) engage in regular aerobic exercise for 30 or 40 minutes three or four times a week. Such exercise has been shown to lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks.

5) The safest and best exercise is walking; swimming is a close second. People with higher levels of fitness may choose activities that are more strenuous.

There are certain herbs you can take to help with the lowering of your blood pressure also. Herbs like garlic, hawthorn, reishi, coleus, and dandelion are very useful in controlling your hypertension.

Jason Hunter is a natural health advocate. He is webmaster of a natural health web site called Home Health and Natural Remedies. To find out more ways to treat hypertension, visit:

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  1. The lifestyle that we are stuck in today is a one which is very stressful and hectic...therefore heart disease is a big threat to all our lives.Thanks for the suggestions.


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