Going bald can be devastating for both men and women. And although that statement may seem a bit extreme, the fact is it can have a huge impact on a persons self esteem to the point where they are thinking about it all the time. There is an answer though, as there are treatments for hair loss available and traditionally they have been either medication or surgery; both of which can work but also both of which have drawbacks.
For instance, with medication the aim of that is to reduce testosterone production. It does do that but a side effect is that it can impair a mans ability to perform sexually. With surgery the main obstacles are the pain that can come with going through a surgical procedure and also the cost. The good news though, is that there are now treatments for hair loss that use all natural products and have been getting excellent feedback. And to understand why they are working we must first look at what causes hair loss.

The most common cause of hair loss is pattern baldness, and this is created when DHT, which is a naturally produced chemical in the body, attaches to the follicles; when it does this it then thins them out until they no longer produce hair. For DHT to be made then testosterone and an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase have to mix in your body, and that is how this treatment works by targeting this production and the DHT itself. It does this by using the following ingredients:-
  • Nettle Root - This is thought to be highly effective at mopping up free testosterone.
  • Zinc - Reduces the amount of 5 alpha reductase produced
  • Saw Palmetto - Originally known for its properties in supporting a healthy prostate, it has been discovered that this too inhibits 5 alpha reductase production.
If you combine these with minoxidil which is an FDA approved product that targets the DHT and stops it reaching the follicle, then I am sure you can see why these treatments for hair loss are so effective. Additionally by including vitamin B6, magnesium and another vitamin known as biotin, which are all needed to grow healthy hair, then the balding process may be reversed.
While researching treatments for hair loss I came across a short video with information from the Pelle Skin Care Center discussing this natural treatment. It is recommended viewing and you can see it at http://howtopreventhairloss.org

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