If you want to prevent wrinkling, then the key lies in finding suitable skin care product.
The biggest mistake people make is not spending enough time and effort looking for the perfect anti aging cream for their skin.
In this article I'm going to share three steps you should take if you want to find the best anti wrinkle cream.
1. Proven Ingredients - The first step I take is look for a skin cream that contains ingredients that have been proven.
Many of the ineffective products do not work primarily because they contain ingredients that have not been tested thoroughly on human volunteers.
The problem is most skin care products we use are filled chemicals that have only been tested on rats and monkeys. This is because some the chemical that contain are too dangerous to be used on humans.
So the most important thing you need to do is use only those products that contain ingredients that have been proven to safely help prevent skin wrinkling.
2. No Parabens - The second most important step is to avoid dangerous chemicals. There are literally hundreds of chemicals being used in today's skin creams and many of them are extremely dangerous to your health.
One such chemical is paraben. Studies show that parabens like methyl paraben, ethyl paraben and butyl paraben have been shown to suggest that they can cause breast cancer.
The shocking fact is that many of the leading and expensive brands contain the above parabens.
They use the chemical regardless of the fact that using it could put your life at risk. In fact parabens are used primarily because are a lot cheaper than other ingredients that work much better..
The best thing you can so for yourself to successfully prevent wrinkling is to avoid anti aging products that contain harmful chemical like methyl paraben and the other parabens named above.
3. Customer testimonials - Once you know exactly which ingredients to look for and which ones to avoid in anti aging wrinkling cream, the next and final step to pick the best product from the ones you short listed.
How do you know which product is the best?
I use customer testimonials to gauge the effectiveness of any anti wrinkling cream. This strategy has worked really well for me and if you put it to use it might work well for you too.
However it's important to keep in mind that only independent reviews will help.
In conclusion, the steps I take in finding the best ant wrinkling cream are:
1. Use a product that contains proven anti aging ingredients
2. Avoid any products that contains parabens
3. Last but not least get yourself a product that has many independent reviews.
John Lexon is a dedicated researcher of important issues that affect skin and health.
Visit his skin care website now at http://www.abc-skin-and-health.info to discover the anti aging skin care products that he recommends after extensive research.

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