How You Can Clear Up Acne Overnight!

Posted by administrator Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Acne is a skin disease that mostly appears on the face and sometimes on the shoulders, back or chest. It usually affects teenagers because of puberty, and it rarely comes after age of 35. Acne is form during puberty because the body produces more sebum due to the changes in the hormones. Statistics has shown that pimples affect more of teenagers than adults and may appear on adult when they are passing through severe stress.
So is it possible to clear up acne overnight? Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is to reduce the things that cause this infection to come. How does acne forms or occur? A fatty substance that is found in the sebaceous gland called sebum contributes to the lubrication and flexibility. And when excess sebum is found in the skin it blocks the hair follicles, which blocks the bacteria that are found there and cause them to reproduce. This in turns leads to swelling of the skin which is pimples or zits and skin lesion.
What are the factors that cause acne breakouts? 
  1. Stress.
  2. Hormonal inflammation or changes.
  3. Using too much of oily cosmetics.
  4. Side effects of drugs such as androgen and lithium.
  5. Diet and hygiene.
How can I clear up acne overnight? 
  1. Proper nutrition: avoid food that contain fats and oil and eat more of nutrients, vitamin and minerals.
  2. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Wash your face gently every morning and evening using a mild soap to help reduce excess toxins and dead skin cells. Also wash your make-up before you sleep.
These tips are helpful and can reduce the severity of acne, but if you want permanent results you have to achieve hormonal balance.
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