Supplements for Muscle Gain - Three Steps for Maximum Benefits

Posted by administrator Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Supplements for muscle gain are very popular in the body building world. These supplements are one of the most demanded and used by body builders all over the world.
What I am going to discuss in this article are the three steps that you should follow in order to achieve the maximum benefits of these supplements.
Step 1: Control Your Protein Intake
Protein is considered the most important nutrient for body builders. It supplies the body with amino acids that are considered as muscle food.
When taking protein you should bear in mind that your body can only synthesize a specific amount of protein at one time. Anything that you take in excess of this amount cannot be used and it is wasted. You end up wasting your effort and your money.
Thus the first step to maximize your supplements effects is to portion your protein intake to cover the whole day and night. For example, if you have to take 150 grams of protein each day, you should divide these to have a portion every three or four hours.
Step 2: Take Creatine as a Pre-Workout Supplement
Creatine is one of the amino acids that are naturally found in the body. The role of creatine is to provide the body with the energy needed to perform daily physical activity. As a supplement, creatine is considered by the majority of body builders as one of the most important supplements for muscle gain.
When you exercise your natural supply of creatine will not be sufficient and thus you will need to rely on extra supply to meet your exercise needs.
Creatine has to be taken into two phases. Phase one is known as the loading phase and it lasts for around four weeks. During this phase you take from 20 to 30 grams daily. After phase one is over you enter phase two which is known as the maintenance phase where you should take from 5 to 15 grams daily.
The trick to benefit the most of creatine is to take it before your workout where you need to boost the body with energy. That does not mean that this is the only time to take creatine. Being one of the supplements for muscle gain, it is often recommended to take creatine after workout also. However, the portion that comes before your workout has the best value since it is going to provide you with the pump that need.
Step 3: Boost Your Immune System
When you do your intense workout not only your muscles are under stress, your immune system is stressed as well.
To boost your immune system after such workouts you need glutamine. Glutamine is a one of the essential amino acids that are found naturally in the body. This nutrient is often mentioned when there is a discussion about supplements for muscle gain since it has two roles.
First, glutamine, along with protein, is considered the food of the muscles. When muscle cells undergo a stressful workout they look for an abundant supply of glutamine. When these amounts are not amply found the muscle will suffer and do not grow as they should.
The second role that glutamine has is that it boosts the immune system and thus leading to a healthier body.
Taking supplements for muscle gain is to a great extent personal preference. Body builders often rely on these supplements when they cannot have the recommended supply of necessary nutrients from natural sources. Following the steps that are mentioned in this article can lead to maximum results and it is a sure way to obtain the body that you are looking for.
In this article we have discussed three important steps that you should follow to maximize the benefits that you get from yoursupplements for muscle gain. If you are interested in more information about muscle supplements and their use then check out the following site =>
Brad Stadler is an experienced body builder. In his site he offers free advice and tip about how to optimizing the use of muscle supplements.

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