How to Enjoy Sweets on a Diet

Posted by administrator Thursday, October 4, 2012

Even if you are on a diet, you can still enjoy your favourite sweets and other empty calorie treats. Whether you love chocolate, cookies, chips or any other indulgence, with some basic knowledge, you can enjoy your favourite treats while still being successful at loosing weight and staying healthy!

  1. Figure out how many calories worth of sweets you will allow yourself a day. Around 200 or 300 calories on a regular day is reasonable.
  2. When eating sweets, use portion control. You can now buy Christies Thinsations cookies and snacks in 100 calorie packs. Not only are they all your favourite treats (Oreos, Chips Ahoy, graham crackers, bits and bites...) but they are packaged with one serving in each bag. Also, Cadbury Thins as well as KitKat and Aero Singles are chocolate bars that have very few calories.
  3. Buy sugar free sweets. Many health food stores sell these in bulk. I do not recommend eating large amounts of these (they contain aspartame and artificial sweeteners that make you crave real sugar, and may even cause cancer) but they do help satisfy small cravings.
  4. Burn the extra calories. If you eat 200 calories worth of sweets or other empty calories,then you will need to burn the extra calories that you consumed. In order to lose weight, you will need to burn more calories then the sum of the calories of everything that you ate, each day.
Tips :

  1. Try to stay away from places like Starbucks - replace those morning coffees with a fruity smoothie.
  2. Put a little fridge underneath or beside your desk at work and fill it with fresh fruit, veggies with low fat Caesar dressing to dip, fruit juice (not punch!), smoothies and yogurts.
  3. If you crave something sweet, chew a stick of gum. Not only does it satisfy your craving, but you won't be able to eat anything else while you are chewing it. But try to stay away from fruity gums, this will only make you feel more hungry
  4. If you are making these treats, consider putting in honey,brown sugar, or Splenda instead of white sugar.
  5. If you already ate and don't feel statisfied yet, drink some tea with honey or brown sugar. If you usually put milk in your tea try to pick low fat milk or rice milk.
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