Cataract and Other Eye Abnormalities

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New York Eyelid surgeons perform eye surgery or ocular surgery. It is surgery which is performed on eye or its adnexa and performed by eye surgeons known as ophthalmologist. Experienced ophthalmologist performs eye surgery.

Eye is most delicate organ of human body and requires extreme care during and after surgical procedure. Ophthalmologists perform eye surgery based on needs for specific procedure and responsible for performing surgery safely. During eye surgery general anesthesia is required. Local anesthesia is also used.

The local area infiltrating is done by retrobulbar and peribulbar techniques. The local area surrounding area need by infiltrated surrounding eye muscle cone and are used to immobilize extraocular muscles and eliminate pain sensation.

Lidocaine is used as topical anesthesia for quick procedures of cleaning eye during and before eye surgery. Generally for children, major orbitotomies, children and apprehensive patients this is used.

During local anesthesia and general anesthesia cardiovascular monitoring is required. During phacoemulsification a plastic sheet is used with receptacle and collects the fluid.

The different type of eye surgery is performed by New York Eyelid surgeons like glaucoma surgery, canaloplasty, cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, refractive surgery, vitreo-retinal surgery, corneal surgery. New York Eyelid surgeons have performed various eye muscle surgeries.

Eye muscle surgery is surgery performed in extraocular muscle and is third most common eye surgery. Eye muscle surgery is performed on basis of strabismus and includes myectomy, tenectomy, tenetomy, myotomy and recession involving moving of insertion of muscle posteriorly towards its origin.

Eyelid surgery is part of Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery and eyelids remove excessive skin or subcutaneous fat. It involves many repairs like ectropian repair and entropian repair. Cantholysis is part of surgical division and performed on canthus of eye.

New York Eyelid surgeons have used various methods to perform a successful eye surgery by using all safe precautions and methods. The eye surgery involves the use of anesthesia, lidocaine, use of retrobulbar and peribulbar techniques.

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