Before asking yourself this question, "Do you need to supplement your diets with vitamin supplements?", let us look at who or what rob us our vitamin nutrients from our body.

Our body need energy, vitamin and minerals to carry out normal activities. The need for vitamin and minerals changes according to your live stage, lifestyle, activities and environment you stay.

Different people have different vitamin needs, even if you feel that you are eating balance diet and you are getting sufficient vitamin and minerals from the food you eat, read on and you may discover some new truth.

There are many different factors, which can affect your vitamin needs. Some are environmental, some are from within you. Here is some common environmental factors and what vitamin and nutrients your body is robbed off. I call them vitamin 'robbers'. Therefore pay specific attention to supplement what you need for protection.

Watch out for these common environmental vitamin robbers.

Air pollutants, alcohol, carbon monoxide, chlorine, coffee, soft drinks, raw fish and shell fish, fluoride, menstruation, nitrates/nitrites, oxalic acid, stress, refined sugar, refined flour, tobacco.

As the saying goes 'prevention is better than cure', you can prevent the damages from these vitamin robbers.

If you are subjected to these vitamin depletion factors, you need to find ways to fill your vitamin gaps and protect against yourself from potential harm and damages to your health.

You may not be able to change your environment that your are in, however you can definitely make a choice to reduce the impact of these vitamin robbers by taking supplements.

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