Food Sources - Vitamin D And Calcium - Everything You Need To Know

Posted by administrator Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Many food sources contain both vitamin D and calcium which is an excellent combination since vitamin D is required for proper absorption of calcium. Our body is capable of producing its own vitamin D by getting sun rays and converting them into something useful.

However, most of us work indoors and don’t go out for healthy activities involving basking in the sun or playing some sport outdoors. Because of this reason the calcium we obtain from food does not get absorbed by the blood stream and is lost through urine. We need to add food sources of vitamin D and calcium to our everyday diet to ensure maximum calcium absorption.

The best food sources of vitamin D and calcium are fish and seafood. Sardines and salmon contain adequate amounts of both calcium and vitamin D and they should be consumed at least once a week especially by calcium deficient people and women above the age of 40.

Similarly, shrimps, oysters and sea vegetables are good sources of calcium as well as vitamin D and some other nutrients. Canned seafood and other sources can also be added to everyday diet to ensure a healthy, full-of-nutrients meal.

Recommended calcium intake for people belonging to the age group pf 19 – 50 is 1000 mg/day. Teenagers should consume up to 1300 mg/day, and postmenopausal women need at least 1500 mg of calcium per day. 200 IU of vitamin D is normally enough to fulfill a day’s needs for an average, healthy person.

Milk is also one of the food sources of vitamin D and calcium. Fortified orange juice, canned tuna, mackerel, and egg yolk contain adequate quantities of vitamin D. Similarly, elderly people can use soy beverages and soy milk to fulfill their daily calcium and vitamin D requirements. Boiled bone soup is a good source of calcium and should be added to everyday diet.

Calcium supplements available on the market contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and many other useful minerals and vitamins. They can also be used as a source of both vitamin D and calcium. Liquid supplements are equally effective and they are ideal for children and elderly people.

Coral calcium is a variant on calcium carbonate used in making effective calcium supplements. It has a high absorption rate, and therefore it is best absorbed in the presence of stomach acid and vitamin D. It also assists in proper digestion of food and treatment of conditions associated with calcium deficiency like brittle nails, muscle cramps, joint pains and constant fatigue.

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