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Posted by administrator Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Vitamin K

We all know how important eating a well balanced diet is, to maintain a healthy array of all the vitamins that are essential for the body to go about doing it’s tireless work, day in day out, yet we all seem mystified when we become run down or ill, from either having been living off fad diets or instant food full of preservatives and additives.

I look at our ‘good food good health’ slogan as a way of life, we are what we eat, so if you want your body to run smoothly we need to eat nutritiously - well you would not run your Porsche on two stroke fuel and expect a smooth ride or optimum power, heaven forbid, your body works exactly the same although obviously you can change your car every few years, to date medical science is not quite up to that yet!!

Vitamin K is not one of the better-known vitamins, although it plays a crucial role in our well being. Until recently it was thought that it was only beneficial in helping blood clot, now if you ask me that is pretty important as we do not want to bleed to death.

Vitamin K has two main forms- phylloquinine (vitamin K1), which is also known as phytonadione and menaquinones

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