One of the suggested causes of dark under eye circles is to do with the leaking of blood caused by tiny blood vessels under the skin rupturing and showing through the thin skin as bruising, giving the appearance of a dark blue or purple colouring of the under eye area.

There are other causes to be discussed but at this time let us develop this train of thought further and talk about what can be done to try and alleviate the problem.

What for instance can we do to decrease the appearance of what seems to be slight bruising of the skin under the eyes and perhaps even to repair the leaking blood vessels that are causing the problem.

It is known that bleeding under the skin in elderly people can be caused by vitamin deficiencies; you often see those black/blue areas just beneath the thin areas of skin. Skin does become that much thinner of course as we age. It is known that other problems to do with “bleeding” can be as a result of vitamin deficiency. When reading studies on these matters there is often a pointer that shows one common denominator and that is to do with the Vitamin K. It is even proven in some studies that the liver can convert Vitamin K into compounds/substances that can aid in the clotting of blood or coagulation.

So how does this link to the problem of dark circles under the eyes?

Well if we know that Vitamin K can solve bleeding under the skin in the elderly and other problems too in connection with excessive bleeding can be resolved by an increase in the intake of Vitamin K, can it be likely that it can also help with the leaking blood vessels under the eye that cause the dark blue, purple appearance?
We even know that Vitamin K can help with coagulation, blood clotting and so perhaps maybe here is another reason for us to give careful consideration to Vitamin K as a means of solving this distressing and embarrassing problem.

We know other vitamins such as vitamins A, C & E can be supportive in any skin care regime but what then do we know of Vitamin K?
Well it is known that it is found in many green vegetables and in particular cabbage, lettuce, brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale. Perhaps therefore it may be worth considering as a means of reducing those dark circles under and around the eyes.

One word of warning though, if you are taking anti-coagulant drugs you should beware of an intake of too much Vitamin K as it is a coagulant.

There are available eye creams that contain Vitamin K and indeed some cosmetics containing the Vitamin K are often used to reduce bruising of the skin and discolouration following laser treatment.

Worth a try don’t you think?

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