Salt Glow...A Spa Treatment Product to Give Your Skin a Boost

Posted by administrator Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There are many skin treatments available to us today so it is hard not to take advantage of the opportunity to keep our skin healthy. Your skin is a living, breathing organism and it needs to be taken care of with consistent refreshment to maintain moisture levels.

Taking care of your skin is vital, particularly in the winter months. The changing seasons and harsh weather, be it hot or cold, can bring on many transitions for your skin and body to cope with, especially with the temptation to curl up by the fire or lie out in the sun. With so many skin treatments around it important to take advantage of opportunities around in order for your skin to stay healthy. If you want to try and delay the skins aging then it is very important that the skin is looked after and moisture levels are maintained. If moisture levels are not maintained then skin can dry out which is not only uncomfortable, but also your skin will have difficulty healing and replenishing it's cells will also age faster.

You can help your skin along the way by visiting a beauty and day spa. The meaning of spa has constantly evolved through the ages to accommodate many types of treatments, some of ancient and some pioneering treatments. Now, spa treatments can range from wet and dry treatments to wellness therapies and beauty treatments. Visiting a beauty and day spa really is an enriching experience and a gift to your body and your mind.

A common non chemical spa treatment that you might find in a beauty and day spa is the salt glow treatment. Each beauty and day spa may have their own recipes for a salt glow treatment and the variations are numerous, however it is those with a citrus twist that are very popular and invigorating. You can make a salt glow rub in your home if you don't have the budget to visit a beauty and day spa, and you may even be able to enlist the help of your partner if you have one.

The treatment has the aim of removing dead skin cells by rubbing coarse dead sea salt and oils and stimulating the blood supply. The salt in most oceans is approximately 97% sodium chloride while dead sea salt is only 12-18% sodium chloride and has vastly greater concentrations of other salts.

The rub is administered by a member of staff at the Spa. If it feels too harsh, be sure and speak up. The skin then becomes hydrated because of the oils used. You can have a salt glow rub on its own, but often it's the first step in a body wrap, that's because exfoliation prepares the skin for products like seaweed or algae that detoxify the body by stimulating circulation. A massage is also a nice follow on to a salt glow treatment to relax you.

After exfoliation the salt mixture is then washed off in the shower and the body moisturised with a hydrating moisturiser.

A regular salt glow, even as little as once per month, will reveal a fresh layer of skin instantly and will give your skin a healthy boost.

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