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Posted by administrator Tuesday, July 22, 2008 carries over 40 anti aging skin care products from nine high quality premium brands. The brands are Ziahn, Sanghwang, Seolhyun, Whiyeon, Ginkgo, Ge, Medicell AcStep, Herbon and Erkena. All the brands use herbal medicines to improve your skin through the moisture effect. The herbal medicines also give antioxidant action and prevent discoloration for your skin.

One of the brands Sanghwang uses 10 different herbal medicines (Phellinus Linteus, liriopis Tuber, Anemarrhenae Rhizoma, Bletillae Rhizoma, Angelicae Dahuricae Radix, Paeoniae Radix, saxifrage Stolonifera, Astragali Radix Schizandrae Fructus and dried Hoelen) to support women's soft and smooth skin.

These herbal components protect the skin from outside pollution and nourish the skin from the dryness and sag with the superior moisture effect. Sanghwang also uses a new anti-wrinkle components originated from natural crustacean called NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine). NAG has the excellent synthesis of collagen and cell propagation ability to give the great anti aging effect which cares not only fine wrinkles from aging but also the existing thick wrinkles.

You can enjoy our cleanser line with the benefit of the hydrating herbal medical foam. Their fine and rich foam removes dirt, oil and make up from deep down in your pores and give fresh and silky feeling without any sting and irritation. Our cleansers contain amino acid. Amino acid will give excellent hydrating effect which makes your skin healthier and more resilient. Another great benefit of our cleansers is kill bacteria on your skin with containing Herba Houttuyniae.

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I am president of I am willing to provide services which will help people's wellbeing and bring their smile. People today are more conscious and educated about health and environment issue. Ziahn is one of the projects that is a part of the good cause for our better health. Please visit us at .

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  2. Essential amino acids are the real anti-aging secrets. Because they give excellent hydrating effect which makes your skin healthier and more resilient. Your products are really herbal and natural. I would like to use them.
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