Tips on How to Burn Calories Fast

Posted by administrator Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here are some advanced tips on how to burn calories fast. They're simple, effective, and POWERFUL. Do them and you'll accelerate your weight loss. This is perfect if you are on a weight loss plateau and need something to break out of it.

Tips On How To Burn Calories Fast

1. Do short mini-workouts - This helps to speed up your metabolism better than longer workouts. So do shorter workouts at home for say 1, 2, or 5 minutes at a time and your metabolism will burn off more calories at it's elevated rate.
2. Eat more often - Eating more often forces your body to digest the foods more often. The body needs to burn calories to digest foods. While this isn't a license to go eat like a pig, if you were to eat 5-6 smaller meals and snacks instead of 2 big meals... you'll burn a lot more calories.
3. Do deep breathing when you're walking - The added oxygen Oxidizes your fat cells, thus, you're able to burn off fat for energy mor efficiently. I suggest you do 1-2 deep breaths every minute you're walking.

4. Do HIIT (high intensity interval training) for cardio - This type of cardio burns fat long after you're done exercising. The way most people exercise (same speed, same intensity), they stop burning off fat when they stop exercising. But by varying your intensity levels during your cardio, you burn calories at a higher rate for hours AFTER you're done working out.

Those 4 tips on how to burn calories fast will help you get your weight loss back on track so that you start losing pounds and inches within a week.

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