Worried About the Obesity of Children?

Posted by administrator Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If you're not worried about the obesity of children, you should be, because it's a growing epidemic that isn't going to go away. In the US 1 in 3 kids are now classed as obese and the UK doesn't fare much better, with a figure of 1 in 4 it is the worst in Europe.

Over weight kids are heading for a lifetime of medical complaints, general poor health and a shortened life expectancy. Medical science has clearly identified links between many chronic illnesses and obesity.

The early onset of type 2 diabetes is an example of changes occurring. It was often referred to as adult onset diabetes, but the age of those affected is dropping and it's now not uncommon to see obese children showing symptoms.

Cardio vascular illnesses and heart conditions are also on the increase and, if left unchecked will also migrate down into childhood illnesses.

The most disturbing fact is it's a self-induced, lifestyle problem that can easily be avoided, with a more sensible approach to diet. It's time for parents to wake up and act responsibly in time to prevent their children becoming obese.

How do you avoid the obesity of children?

Dietary change is the answer. Stopping the junk food and increasing physical activity can solve the problem. Weight gain is primarily the consumption of two many calories and to little physical activity.

Returning an obese child to a normal, healthy weight is a hard task and it's far better to take preventative action now. A healthy (no junk) diet maintained throughout the family will benefit both children and parents alike.

Here is a 7-step plan for weight reduction through improved diet.

1. Replace fizzy drinks and cola's etc with home made lemonade, or even better, water.

2. Introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables into the daily diet. Make smoothies if the kids struggle with some veg. It's amazing what you can hide in a smoothie.

3. Reduce the intake of burgers, hot-dogs, donuts, and any deep-fried foods as they are high in saturated fats and may also contain hydrogenated oils (trans-fats) which increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and decrease good cholesterol (HDL).

4. Also avoid: salad dressings, some margarine (olive based is good), and shortening and also most processed foods.

5. Get your kids eating fiber. Fiber is great for keeping you regular, delaying hunger and providing slow release carbohydrate. Rye and whole meal breads are so much better for the digestive system than over refined white breads.

6. Cut down on the candy, it's pretty near 100% sugar (empty calories).

7. Get them eating good fats like olive oil dressing. Flavor it up, with herbs or spices if required. Use it for cooking. Want a cheese sauce? Make a rue using olive oil and whole meal floor, add some semi-skimmed milk and a low fat, herb flavored cheese spread. Easy, tasty and above all healthy.

Petra Peach advises parents to make a start; adopt some of the above tips for your own and your kids diet today and you wont need to worry about the obesity of children. Well at least, not your children.


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