When you find out you have diabetes is can be a very difficult things to handle at first because you are not sure exactly what it means. One of the most important things you can do after you find out you have diabetes is you eat the right foods because controlling your blood sugar levels are key to living a long and healthy life with diabetes. There are certain foods that are better for you than other and living with diabetes can be improved by finding them and eating them.

One of the best things for you to eat is whole grain fiber because it is a carbohydrate but the sugar is slowly released from this type of food and this adds more benefit to your blood sugar level. You want to stay away form starchy carbohydrates because they can cause your blood sugar levels to really spike and go down very quickly.

Fruit is another good way to get sugar into your diet but you want to make sure that you try to eat natural fruits as opposed to canned ones if possible. The canned variety usually has a lot of added refined sugar and this is not so good for your blood sugar levels.

Protein is also a good way to control your levels when regulating your diabetic diet because they can be great sources of protein and his will keep your energy level up throughout the day.

Make sure that if you have diabetes that you eat the right foods so that you can control your blood sugar levels and have a healthy long life.

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