Protecting Your Eyes

Posted by administrator Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are you engaging in activities that stress your eyes? At the end of the day do your eyes feel fatigued or strained? Have you ever experienced cloudy or blurry vision? Do your eyes always feel dry? Is the dryness worse at the end of the day? Is your night vision worse than your day vision? Are your eyes very sensitive to bright lights? Do you spend a considerable amount of your day performing close work such as operating a computer, reading, or working with figures? If you have yes answers to the above questions, you need to think about eye protection. There are strategies you can employ to protect your eyes from strain and fatigue. When your eyes feel puffy or tired, try slicing cucumbers, lying down and placing the cucumber slices on your eyes. This is a natural and effective strategy for relieving eyestrain. And there are also vitamin supplements that protect your eyes. Just about everyone knows about the benefits of Vitamin A and lutein but a not so well known supplement is hyaluronic acid. Scientists have discovered that poor vision is not just caused by aging and environmental factors but is also due to a deficiency in nutrients that nurture the eyes.

In 1979 the Archives of Ophthalmology published the results of a six-year study that concluded hyaluronic acid was beneficial for the eyes. The major part of our eyes is filled with vitreous jelly. Hyaluronic acid comprises 95% of the vitreous jelly. It is a major player in preserving the health of the ocular tissues such as the cornea and the retina. It is active in nurturing the vitreous fluid inside the eye and transports nutrients within the eye. When we are young, this acid is manufactured daily by our bodies. However, the production of this particular acid in our bodies slows down and finally stops as we approach our 50s. When this happens, we begin to experience dry eyes, poorer vision and other eye problems. One form of glaucoma is attributed to a deficiency in hyaluronic acid.

In addition to eye problems we also have joint issues. Our joints also need lubrication and fluidity to function at an optimum level. It provides this. Doctors believe that it also provides some benefits for heart and neurological health. Scientists have also observed that in Japan people are healthy with good eyesight well into their 80s and 90s. This is a country where starches that are rich in acid are a primary part of the daily nutrient intake. In addition to helping to maintain a healthy body, this acid also has cosmetic benefits. By hydrating the skin, the acid wards off wrinkles and helps our skin maintain its youthful texture. For cosmetic purposes the hyaluronic acid is available in creams and applied topically to the skin.

To support eye health as well as joint, tissue, neurological and cardiac health, it is taken as a supplement. The recommended daily intake is 100 to 150 mg however people should always consult their health care provider prior to adding any supplement to their diet.

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  1. thilaganesh Says:
  2. Vitamin A bearing things have great tendency to keep the health of our eyes. But, we need to take them in our young ages to get full benefits of vitamin A.


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