Are These the Best Anti Aging Secrets?

Posted by administrator Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is there such a thing as the best anti aging products? Or are we all victims of corporate marketing, believing that we simply must be using and taking the latest and greatest anti aging products to hold back the years and keep our youthful good looks?

Scientists now agree that we could be living to around 120 years if we achieved our maximum potential lifespans. However, living to 120 does not just mean that we could be around to meet our great-grandchildren and even our great-great grandchildren. It also means that we can feel and look thirty years old at forty, eighty years old at a hundred and, most importantly, have more energy whatever age we are. In short, we can stay younger for longer.

The best news is that it is never too late to start your anti aging campaign. Even those who are tired, ill and getting on in years can become biologically younger, reverse the damage, keep disease away and add years, if not decades, to their lives.

So what are the best anti aging 'secrets'? Ancient wisdom, thousands of authoritative studies, and recent ground-breaking research all indicate that the answer lies, above all, in what we eat.
We already know that by eating the right food we can avoid some of the major killers, such as cancer and heart disease. The US Surgeon-General recently said that of the 2.2 million deaths in America each year, 1.8 million are diet-related.
Now, gerontologists have also discovered that we can actually slow down or even reverse the ageing process, appear and feel younger, and prevent most ageing-related diseases with the right diet, together with certain other lifestyle habits such as taking regular exercise and avoiding stress.
It is amazing how reluctant some people are to accept these simple truths, especially when it is so much easier to eat well and take a little exercise than to find another way to slow down ageing - like buying the latest anti aging products that may or may not have any impact.

Looking for the best anti aging products? Did you know you may already have them in your house right under your nose?
The best anti aging skin care products (and overall anti aging products) are healthy and fresh foods. That may seem hard to believe but it's true, and scientific research has proven it. Discover the facts for yourself over at Michelle's Anti Aging Health Tips site where she explains the true power of anti aging foods and anti aging supplements.
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  5. Abel Says:
  6. Nice information! I am very much impressed and agree that healthy and fresh foods are the best anti aging skin care products. Our diet must include all the vital nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water in proportionate amount. A balance diet refers to the intake of appropriate and sufficient amount of foods and drinks that supply nutrient and energy to the body for maintenance of body cells, tissues and organs that support the normal growth and development of the body.
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