Risk Factors For Asthma in Children

Posted by administrator Wednesday, October 7, 2009

With many medical conditions, there are risked factors, and asthma is no exception. Defined, as inflammation of the airways, it is a long-term condition and it can be controlled with medication.
Although there is no known reason for asthma and there is no known cure for it, its symptoms can be brought under control with the correct usage of medication.
Some of the risk factors involved in a child having this disease are:

Family History
If one's family have a history of having this condition, it is possible that a child will also inherit it. Additionally, children whose mothers are dealing with eczema, also stands a chance of having to deal with asthma.
Although this disease is not contagious and family history plays a part in it, if one parent has it, it does not mean that their children will have it; but if both parents have it, there is a greater chance of their children having it.
Premature Births
It is also possible that babies who were born prematurely, that is, around 36 weeks may also have to face it. Additionally, a child is consistently exposed to smoke from tobacco products such as cigars, stands the risk of displaying asthmatic symptoms.
There is also a link between children who have been exposed to dust on a regular basic and this ailment.
It is highly possible for a child who has allergies, to also "develop" asthma. Nevertheless, this does not mean that every child who suffers from allergies will also have to deal with this ailment.
Allergy is a negative reaction of the body in response to something. For example, water may run out of the eyes, the face and other parts of the body may swell and or wheezing may occur in response to a particular thing.
Therefore, if your child has this disease, learning everything you can about it and working closely with a doctor will help to bring it under control.

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