How to Control Asthma in Children

Posted by administrator Wednesday, October 7, 2009

There is no known reason as to why a child may have asthma although there are risked factors associated with who may have it. That is, if one or both parents have it, their child may have it as well. There is no known cure for this disease but there are medical treatments for it.
As with many medical conditions, when a child is faced with one, their parents and to a larger extent, their entire family, is affected by it and there is no difference here, however there is hope. A few things can be done to bring this condition under control and there are:
Learn as much as you can about this disease. The more you understand it, the better a position you will be in to help your child. Search the Internet, visit the library and above all, talk to a trusted health care provider.
Avoiding Triggers
Triggers are things that cause the symptoms of this disease to appear. Therefore, helping ones child in keeping away from these triggers will be worth it. Some of these triggers are cold, smoke and stress.
Medical Management
If your child have prescribed medication, making sure that he/she knows how to use it correctly is the first step. There are two types of medication. They are Relievers and Controllers.
The Relievers are helpful in treating the symptoms of this disease, for example, if your child is wheezing and a Reliever medication is used, it will help to stop the wheezing.
The Controllers are used to treat the cause of the symptoms, for example, to keep wheezing from occurring. It should be noted that if a Controller medication is used when a symptom is occurring, it might not immediately stop the symptom, a Reliever medication should be used.
Make a Plan
Have a talk with your child's doctor and ask him/her to help you in preparing a plan that will help to bring the asthma under control.
This condition can limit a child's involvement in many things, that is, it can prevent them from participating in sporting events, but as it is brought under control, the list of don'ts will get shorter and the list of "can dos" will become longer.
So, before making any final decisions, do some more research, talk with a trusted doctor and then take some action.

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