What's Instant Self Hypnosis?
Self hypnosis is self-induced high levels of mental, physical, and psychological relaxation that allows the subconscious mind to be more suggestible to the non-critical acceptance of information, ideas and concepts

How To Apply Instant Self Hypnosis?
#1 Stop Saying TRY
When you say "I'll try to quit smoking", that undermines what you need to do because the subconscious requires more positivity. You need to re-frame your approach to achieve success.

#2 Use Affirmation
Repeat your affirmation as many times as you like. Meditate on it as long as you like as it will help you to integrate it into your subconscious mind. Affirmations are positive words that describe what you want to achieve in future.

#3 Say Exactly And Accurately What You Want With Positive Words
Your affirmation should be as clear as possible and say it in present tense. For an example, "I'm easily making $500 online" but not "I want to work harder from today to make money online". The latter affirmation is absolutely wrong as those words will plant in a negative image in your mind as you'll imagine working hard for your money.

#4 Stop Using NOT
"Please do not think of cat". What happened to your mind? I bet that a picture of a cat appeared in it now. So whatever things or words that you want to say in your life, make sure that you're saying it in a positive manner without the word "not" as it'll make you visualize the outcome that you don't really want in your life.
Do you have goals as BIG as the SUN? Want to achieve it? Then learn instant self hypnosis now!!

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