How to Stop Blushing

Posted by administrator Sunday, October 4, 2009

There are a lot of people who blush. Most of these people blush in just plain simple social situation. When somebody just calls their name. Or the at the most known of situations like embarrassment when you do something that causes you to be embarrassed and shy.

You probably have had experience when your cheeks got red and everybody was watching at you and you just couldn't stop it, in fact your face even got more red because you were fighting it.

Blushing is becoming a big problem for many people. It looks like the today's society doesn't allow people to blush, blushing can be associated to weakness or a so called 'open book'.

If somebody sees you blushing you will be an open book for that person. It depends on the situation you both are in what that person would probably think about you, and what you think.

For example if a boy likes a girl and when he suddenly faces her and he begins to blush. This doesn't have to be such a big problem because most of the time the girls like blushing men, it's very sweet for them.
But it can be a big problem in other social-interactions like in business. You just can't afford to blush in business, when you are in the huge sale you where working for a long time and you give a presentation to a group of people it can be a huge problem if you begin to blush. People might think you're lying, or maybe you're uncomfortable about the sale because the sale could be a bad sale for the buyers.
Treating the blushing phobia can be done in different ways.

Unfortunately most people treat it with surgery and that's completely unnecessary. This drastic treatment is called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). ETS surgery cuts certain nerves that control blood flow to the face, because of this the supply of blood to vessels in the face are interrupt. A lot of professional people choose for this treatment.

Although it's a good solution it's an unnecessary solution like I said before. Also because of some side-effects the surgery has.

There are more solutions. You can first try to think in another way about blushing and try some simple to do actions when blushing or before you're going to blush.

Try to relax your shoulders, your shoulders are really tense when you blush so just drop them down and relax.
Also try to inhale deeply trough your nose and exhale trough your mouth.

Blushing always happens in your mind, if you think you're going to blush you definitely will blush. And because it all happens in your mind you have the ability to stop it, you can change your mind set to prevent blushing.
A stop blushing hypnosis treatment can help you to change that mind set and think in a different way about blushing, it can also make raise your self-confidence. Also try, No More Blushing.

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