Why Diabetes is a Killer

Posted by administrator Friday, April 16, 2010

The reason why diabetes is a killer is due to the fact that people need to get all the support that they need in order to be able to manage and take control of this terrible disease. The main factors for controlling and managing diabetes are through a healthy nutritional diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of most people is one of stress and quick pace, which leads to poor eating choices.

If people do not start to change the way that they live, we will end up with a huge problem with diabetes. It is already the one disease that is increasing in numbers each and every day throughout the world, the numbers are staggering and we need to stop this number rising further.

It is so easy for people to get take away foods, it makes life easier, especially if you have a family and work commitments. Unfortunately, this is the worst thing that you can do for you and your family. In the long term you are creating some very serious if not deadly situations.

The choice of eating incorrectly and not getting enough exercise can lead to some very serious complications that cannot be reversed and this is why it is so important to make that choice now on how you are going to live your life, wouldn't you like to grow old and see your children and grandchildren prosper in their lives?

It can be difficult at first to adjust to this new lifestyle, but the ultimate goal is to achieve optimum health without diabetes. By implementing some easy steps you can achieve this without any problems. You need to realise that it won't happen overnight, nothing good does. You need to implement these steps at a pace that is suitable to you; the main is that you eventually change the bad habits into good ones.

Important points to remember are:

* Choose a healthy nutritious diet which consists of mainly low GI foods
* Avoid take away foods and any food that is quick and easy, as these have no nutritional benefits at all
* Avoid fried foods at all times
* Avoid processed foods and refined sugars
* Limit your intake of salt
* Limit your intake of soft drinks that contain loads of sugar
* Limit your alcohol intake
* Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
* Try to eat plant based foods instead of foods derived from animals as these do not contain any fibre
* Get plenty of sleep
* Make sure that you make time to relax and unwind, stress is a major contributor to diabetes
* Ensure that you get adequate exercise each day

It is important to remember why diabetes is a killer and by implementing these steps as an initial guide you are well on your way to achieving optimum health and avoiding all the complications that this terrible disease can cause you.

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