A Powerful Way To Start Losing Weight

Posted by administrator Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How many diets have you been on in your life? Its amazing how people jump from one miracle diet to the next only to be left disappointed all over again. The real secret to weight loss is not the diet you are on but rather your own level of dedication and commitment. In theory all diets "could" work and definitely have the potential to make you lose weight. Its not as much about whether the diet works but rather whether you are working it.

FAD diets are riddled with BS and there are usually someone who is reaping some financial reward somewhere. I think its important that you look at it from a slightly different perspective. Look at it from the perspective of finding a permanent solution.

The first step to losing weight is to get to "that point" of commitment. This is a place in your life where you just had it with being overweight. You need to make a truly committed decision and decide that you are going to reach your ideal weight no matter what. Making this truly committed decision will inspire you and when you are inspired you need to act. Instead of weening yourself off those bad foods, I suggest you make a clean break. Go through your fridge and your cupboards and throw out all the foods that you know you should not eat. If its not there you won't be tempted. Now, fill your fridge and your cupboards with healthy, wholesome and nutritious food.

The next step is to get started with exercise. I suggest you go down to the gym straight away and enroll - better yet, book yourself 10 sessions with a personal trainer. This level of commitment will enable to break through the doubts that will set in over the next few days.

The way to make drastic changes is to be drastic. Most people try and tip toe their way out of being overweight. You need to break the door open and get inspired.

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